Backwards 3 – How To Type Ɛ Symbol

Backwards 3 – In this post, we are going to tell you “How To Type Ɛ Symbol“. Many people on the internet are searching for this topic. In this post, I have covered some simple techniques from which you can easily type backwards 3.

Backwards 3 - How To Type Backwards Ɛ Symbol

What Is Backwards 3 Symbol Meaning ?

In mathematics it is commonly called as epsilon, it represents the closest number to zero, yet it is not zero. In chats we use backwards 3, to represent love (backwards 3 heart) or as a status update <3. There are different meanings of backwards 3 in different fields.

Now let’s see how to type the reverse of 3 or backwards Ɛ in detail.

Backwards 3 – How To Type Ɛ Symbol

There are two methods to this task, one is copy paste method and another method is create it.

Now we will see how to Backwards 3 copy paste.

Just use the given below tool, you can directly copy from it paste it where ever you want to.

How To Type Backwards 3 Symbol On Keyboard

Now if you don’t want to come to this page again and copy the symbol then you can try this method it will directly create the font i.e., reverse of 3.

  1. Open your device, like PC or laptop.
  2. Now open any text document in it.
  3. On Word document type “0190” (3 as Ɛ Alt Code)
  4. After this press ALT + X on keyboard.
  5. This will create Ɛ.

To type the number “3” backwards, you can use the Unicode character “ʓ” (U+02D3) which is the reverse version of the number “3”. This can be done by using the backwards 3 Alt code on a Windows computer (Alt + 8659) or by copying and pasting the character from a website or document that has it. On Mac use option + shift + 8.

In addition to using the Unicode character or Alt code, you can also type backwards numbers using some text editing software such as Microsoft Word, you can use the “Text Direction” option to change the direction of the number from left-to-right to right-to-left.

Similarly, in Photoshop or Illustrator, you can use the “Flip Horizontal” option to reverse the direction of the number.

Another way is to use a software that support right-to-left language. For example, you can type backwards 3 text in Arabic or Hebrew by enabling the right-to-left language support in your operating system or software, and then type the number “3” as normal.

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