Absolute Best Horror Movies You Should Watch Right Now On Netflix

Netflix is home to some of the most amazing horror flicks. It truly has a wide range of spooky movies that can make the hair on your arm stand instantly. After all, who does not love a good scary movie with jump scares that make your eyes pop out of their sockets? We surely do. There is nothing better than watching a horror flick and having an adrenaline rush running through your whole body. You keep looking over your shoulder, under the bed, or inside the closet because after watching these movies, you fear the monster could be lurking behind anything, waiting for you to let your guards down.

Understandably, there are some films in this genre that do not really scare the large chunk of its viewership. On the other hand, there are some movies that scare the bejesus out of you. So, if you are looking to celebrate Halloween during summer then scroll down because we have rounded up a list of some of the best horror movies that are available on Netflix right now.

Before watching a horror movie, you must prepare yourself. You know, get in the feels and all. First, we would recommend you to get a comfortable place, a hot chocolate (because why not?), your stuff toy (for emotional support) and of course, an internet connection because you cannot simply stream these movies if you don’t have a stable, high-speed web.

If you ask for our suggestion, then we would recommend that you visit Spectrum and check out its internet plans and packages. The best part is that all plans include unlimited data allowance, which means you won’t have to worry about slowed or lazy internet while streaming these movies.

Having said that, let’s dive into the list of all the best horror movies you should catch on Netflix right now.

A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

This is a classic creation of Wes Craven, who we all know is a master of slasher films. In this movie, multiple teenagers belonging to the Midwest become targets of Freddy Krueger, who is a disfigured midnight mangler. Freddy preys on the teenagers in their dreams and as a result, kills them in reality.

Then comes Nancy who begins her investigation into the phenomenon in order to explore the dark mystery behind it. As it turns out, Nancy’s and her friends’ parents might be the key to uncovering it. The question is, will she be able to solve this huge matter of concern before it is too late?

Gerald’s Game (2017)

Before we all were introduced to the amazing The Haunting of Hill House series, Mike Flanagan brought this fantastic adaptation of the novel written by the renowned author – Stephen King.

The film follows the story of Jessie who goes on a holiday with her husband to an isolated lake house that is in the middle of nowhere. While reigniting their romance, the husband handcuffs Jessie to the bedpost. During the intimate session, the couple gets into a heated argument, which is then followed by Gerald suffering from cardiac arrest. He immediately dies and falls on the floor while Jessie is still handcuffed to the bedpost with no help in sight and no apparent way to escape. Survival becomes increasingly difficult. As she begins to feel dehydration, Jessie soon starts to hallucinate. The movie terrifies us more than we anticipate in the beginning and this makes it incredibly fantastic.

The Call (2020)

There were two movies that came out in 2020 with the same name, “The Call”. We suggest that you watch the one that was produced by South Korea. In this time travel thriller slash horror movie, you get to experience something that is quite mind-bending.

While visiting her childhood home and visiting her sick mother, 28 years old Seo-yeon comes across a phone buried in a closet. Out of the blue, it starts ringing and the caller turns out to be a woman who used to live in 20 years ago.

Both women begin to feel mutual sympathy for each other as they try to help one another out. However, after certain twists and turns, Seo-yeon realizes that her new friend is not as harmless as she had thought. What happens next is something you must watch by putting on this time travel movie.

Final Words

There you have it. All those of you who are fond of watching horror movies can stream these on Netflix right now and bring back Halloween vibes during summertime. For more such post follow nkcoderz

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