5 Best Programming Languages to Master in 2022

With the increasing demands of the IT sector, there is a proportionally increase in huge demand for programming jobs. There are many new languages that are emerging every year. In today’s digital world, technology is changing at a rapid speed.

If you are trying to make your career in data science, machine learning, web designing, software development, etc. Then make sure to learn or master a language. Also, you are in trouble or confusion which should you choose. There are many alternatives that are already available in this niche. Many technologists are choosing the best programming language for the new year.

5 Best Programming Languages to Master in 2022

You always need to learn the right programming language that will help you to get a good job in a corporate. Consider these things like demands, popularity, opportunities, scope, applications, and much more and you will easily find the best option for you.

5 Best Programming Languages to Master in 2022

Below is the list provided for you so that you can easily opt for the best language. Good Luck!


The most popular language of the year 2020, by TIOBE Index. It is an object-oriented, high-level, interpreted, and easy-to-learn programming language. It has a variety of applications such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence that makes it versatile.

It supports backend development. Django framework which is written in python is used in many popular websites like Instagram and Pinterest. Also, very easy for beginners due to simple syntax and no definition for class declaration.

It is easier to operate as it supports IDE(Integrated Development Environment), libraries, integration, and functions. It is the oldest and fastest-growing language and has a tremendous scope in data science, analysis, AI, MI, and more. Popular frameworks are Django, Flask, web2py, etc.


It is the oldest language that is mainly used in Android development. According to TIOBE, secure the 2nd ranking after python. Android Studio uses JAVA to develop user-friendly apps. It is cross-platform, object-oriented, and HLL.

Due to Java’s portability, high performance, JDK, and JRE, Companies like Amazon, Intel, Philips, and BetterCloud use it to offer career options. There are millions of code repositories on GitHub. Java developers are in high demand as it is not easy to learn. It requires in-depth knowledge to operate.

It is similar to C++ and follows the sentence ‘Write Once Run Anywhere‘ meaning that it supports cross-platform. There is tremendous scope in it and will continue to offer jobs.


It is light-weighted and plays an important role in front-end and also in back-end development. It can be used in network-centric apps and server-side with the help of Node.js. It is used in companies like Google, Microsoft, PayPal, Netflix, etc.

Even this website is using JS to add responsive elements with HTML and CSS. It is compatible with all browsers and easy to minify. It was popular for consecutive of eight years in the past.  Now, many tech giants are using this language and offer high-paying jobs.

One could imagine the scope of javascript, it is easy for beginners to learn it.


Oldest but remains popular for its variety of features. It is a structured programming language and easy-to-understand because it uses loops, conditions, and simple syntax. It is ranked under the top 5 by TIOBE and used by AMD, Nvidia, Intel, and other big companies.

Learning C will help you to understand other languages easily. It supports lexical variables and user-defined functions. It also has standard libraries and more.

This is mainly used in System Software also known as Operating Systems, GUI, and Game development. This is also used in competitions and open-source. It is the most efficient and flexible language.


It is a preprocessor and PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. Websites like Facebook, Yahoo, Mailchimp, and Wikipedia highly rely on it. It has good career opportunities. It is an open-source server-side scripting language and many web pages use it to develop static login forms pages.

The best thing about PHP is that it is easier to learn for beginners and comes with many advanced features. It is used in web development and has tremendous scope in the future.

It is simple, flexible, efficient, secure, and object-oriented. It is executed on the server and has an extension .php

So that’s was all from my side, I hope that you will be able to select it.

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