Can You Watch YouTube Shorts On Desktop?

Can You Watch YouTube Shorts On Desktop? – Youtube is one of the most popular video sharing platform right now. Day by day youtube popularity is increasing as it is the best way to find answers for your queries. One can create videos on this platform and earn money.

Can You Watch YouTube Shorts On Desktop?

While youtube is the best video platform, Meta’s instagram reels gives strong competition to youtube videos. YouTube Shorts was released in India in September 2020, following India’s TikTok ban. It was globally released in July 2021, after releases in various countries.

Now as today must of us uses youtube, we start scrolling shorts whenever we feel bored. But when we don’t want to use phone can we still watch youtube shorts, Yes we can watch it on desktop. In this post, you will learn how to watch youtube shorts on Desktop. tv/start enter code: How to Enter Activation Code in

How To Watch Youtube Shorts On PC?

You can enjoy your time by watching Youtube Shorts on your Desktop. Follow the below steps to start watching Youtube Shorts into your Desktop.

1. By Using “#hastag” in the URL

Open Youtube on any browser on your PC.

Now, in the Address Bar after, type “/hashtag/shorts” and hit enter.

After this you will get a collection of Shorts Videos. Select the one which you want to watch.

2. Searching On The Youtube

Open on your PC.

In the Search Box, and after add “#shorts” then click the Enter button.

Youtube will recommend some Shorts video. Click on the video which you want to watch.

Can You Watch YouTube Shorts On Desktop?

YES You can watch youtube shorts On Desktop by following the above methods. So if you are new to this website make sure to follow and give a like to this post. See you on another post. Thanks.

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