How to Fix Chrome Cant Login to Website Using Facebook App Not Setup?

How to Fix Facebook Not Loading on Chrome – Hello friends! In today’s article we will know about “Chrome Cant Login to Website Using Facebook App Not Setup” As we know that Facebook is a popular social media platform.

Facebook aka, fb is a social networking website by Meta formely known as Facebook Inc. It is a company based in United States and it is in the list of big five tech companies.

Chrome Cant Login to Website Using Facebook App Not Setup! How to Fix?

Facebook Not Loading on Chrome 2022

Almost everyone have a facebook account in today’s world. In case if we don’t have app then most of us daily login our facebook account to check post, notifications and much more on browsers like chrome, edge or firefox. By the way many people facing chrome cant login to website using facebook app error.

So to help you we have written this post, So read this article in details.

Chrome Cant Login to Website Using Facebook App Not Setup! How to Fix?

1. Clear Cookies and Cache Data

To clear this all you need to do is open Settings in chrome by chrome://settings typing in the URL and hit enter.

Then you need to click on  Privacy and Security > Clear Browser Data.

After this a screen pop up will appear click on clear data.

Or you can simply click both buttons Ctrl and H at the same time. This will open history and you clear your data and cache.

2. Use Incognito Mode

Incognito have a feature that it will note store any data, or cache if you are browsing, so it will act like other browser. This can fix the problem if you have multiple login from the same browser. May be this will help you to solve the issue.

3. Reset Chrome Browser

Most of the times error start appearing when we change some settings, in order to solve such problem one can reset the browser back to its default settings.

Go to Settings and click on Reset and Clean Up Option in the sidebar.

4. Check your DNS

Many times a site will not open due to ip address blocked by Router or admin. In this case you need to change the ip address by VPN or change it with the help of command prompt.

5. Use Other Browser

If you have tried all the mentioned tips and if it didn’t work they you need to change the browser. This can fix the issue for some time. Now try to update the chrome whenever the update arrives. This can solve this problem.

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