CSS Questions With Answers

  1. Define CSS and give its ruleset?
  2. Explain the types of selector string in detail.
  3. Explain the types of CSS in detail with example.
  4. List the text properties with an example.
  5. List with example, the different attributes for border and background in box model?
  6. How foreground and background color information in stylesheet represented?
  7. Explain box layout in CSS.
  8. List the types of positioning in CSS.
  9. How to display an icon in list tags.
  10. In what way we can display the table with single border.
  11. List the border-radius, border-shadow, border-image attributes in CSS.
  12. Explain the way to create counter in list or content with subcontents.
  13. How gradient will be created in CSS3 in detail.
  14. How to reduce the opacity of the image? Give it with an example.
  15. How to set the background image of a text document?
  16. Mention the concept of CSS transition.
  17. Explain CSS animation in detail.
  18. How to create multiple columns in CSS? Give example.
  19. Explain transformation in css
  20. How to set a hyperlink with no underline in its hyperlink document?
  21. Explain flex container concept in detail.
  22. What is a bootstrap? How it is mention in responsive web pages?
  23. What is the grid concepts in bootstrap?
  24. How typography create and implemented in bootstrap?
  25. How images classes will be executed in bootstrap?
  26. What is pagination in bootstrap?
  27. Explain carousel in bootstrap with an example.
  28. How to build the page with the content in background?

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