What does “employer name” mean on a job application?

Hello Friends, welcome to the nkcoderz.com website. In this post, we will know What does “employer name” means on a job application? Also, we will know why people remain confused about the word employer name.

What does "employer name" mean on a job application?
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Employer Name Meaning

Employer Name means the name of your employer. Still Confused! Wait let me explain it to you in detail. It is generally used for the name of the organization where you have worked. But sometimes it is also used for the name of the supervisor or boss.

The word “employer” can be interpreted in two ways. First, it could refer to an organization or other company where you worked. Second, it could also refer to your supervisor or boss which makes no sense as they will clearly ask the supervisor’s name.

What does “employer name” mean on a job application?

Now, I know the meaning of Employer Name but how to know where should I tell the organization name or boss name?

The answer of this question is simple, on a job application, the term “employer name” is most likely to appear in your employment history section, where your potential new boss (the place where you’re applying for a job) wants to know where you have worked before or organization name and not the name of your old boss.

The employer name on a job application refers to the company or organization that is currently hiring for the position that the applicant is applying for. It is typically listed at the top of the job application and may also be referred to as the “company name” or “hiring organization.”


This information is important because it tells the applicant where they would be working if they were to be hired for the position.

For example, if you work at TCS, then TCS is your employer’s name. If you work for Google, then write the employer’s name Google.

On the other hand, let’s assume that the application is asking for the name of the person that employed you, but that would be wrong. It makes little sense to say you worked for “Sunder Pichai” as opposed to Google.

So you can simply put the name of the company in that section along with the period of time you were employed and this should be sufficient for your potential employer.

Conclusion – So what we can conclude from this post is that the Employer name is the name of an organization, not a person unless the employer actually is an individual.

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