How Many Levels In Candy Crush?

How Many Levels In Candy Crush? – Many of us love to play candy crush, and most time when you clear a level, new level appear. Have you ever thought how many levels are there in candy crush?

If you thought, and want to find the answer then you are at the right page. Because in this post we are going to discuss how may levels are there in candy crush with some facts and statistics.

How Many Levels In Candy Crush?

Candy Crush Saga is a free-to-play match-three puzzle video game released by publisher and owner King on 12 April 2012, originally for Facebook and other versions for iOS, Android, Windows.

How Many Levels In Candy Crush?

As of now, the web platform html 5 version of the candy crush has around 10,600 levels in 708 episodes. Each episode in candy crush has around 15 levels. Each week new levels are added.

In Facebook and mobile (Android, iOS and Amazon devices), candy crush saga has 8720 Levels, 582 episodes as of now. While Win10 has 8810 Levels and 588 episode.

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Different Level Types In Candy Crush

In Candy Crush Saga you can find different levels. Some of the levels are:

  • Jelly – Clear all the jelly on the board and it appears in 8th level.
  • Ingredients – Bring all the ingredients down to the exits and it appears in 17th level.
  • Candy Order – Collect all orders by collecting wanted items and it appears in 1st level.
  • Mixed Mode – A mix between two different level types and it appears in 350th level.
  • Rainbow Rapids – Clear the path to collect rainbow candies and it appears in 7116th level.
NameDescriptionFirst appearance% of total games
JellyClear all the Jelly on the board.Level 82942 (28.79%)
IngredientsBring all the ingredients down to the exits.Level 171744 (17.06%)
Candy OrderCollect all orders by collecting wanted items.Level 12127 (20.81%)
Mixed ModeA mix between two level types.Level 3503105 (30.38%)
Rainbow RapidsClear the path to collect rainbow candies.Level 7116302 (2.95%)

FAQs To Candy Crush Saga

Does Candy Crush Ever End?

Yes Candy Crush will never end, according to stats every week 15 levels are added in this popular game. So thinking about completing candy crush is just a thought.

Who has highest level in candy crush?

Simon Leung is the guy. The highest score ever reached by a player is 1,999,259,792 according to various internet sources.

Which is the hardest level of candy crush?

Some people say it is 147, some say it is 1831 and many more. So it totally depends on your brain.

Interesting Fact About Candy Crush – Do you know that More than 90% of Candy Crush Saga Players are over 21. Celebrity like Emma Roberts, Adam Levine and Josh Groban are fan of this game.

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