JavaScript Course From Beginner To Advance

This JavaScript Course From Beginner To Advance covers all the important topics which are needed to become an expert.

JavaScript Fundamentals – I

  1. Hello World In JS
  2. Introduction To JS
  3. Linking A JS File
  4. Values And Variable In JS
  5. Data Types In JS
  6. Let, Const, And Var In JS
  7. Basic Operators In JS
  8. Operator Precedence

JavaScript Fundamentals – II

  1. Strict Mode In JS
  2. Functions In JS
  3. Function Declaration Vs Expressions In JS
  4. Functions Calling Other Functions
  5. Introduction To Arrays In JS
  6. Basic Array Operations In JS
  7. Introduction To Objects In JS
  8. Dot Vs Bracket Notation In JS
  9. Object Methods In JS
  10. Iteration For Loop In JS
  11. Nested Loops In JS

JavaScript in the Browser_ DOM and Events Fundamentals

  1. What’s The DOM And DOM Manipulation In JS
  2. Selecting And Manipulating Elements In JS
  3. Handling Click Elements In JS
  4. Manipulating CSS Styles In JS
  5. Working With Classes In JS
  6. Handling An _ESC_ Keypress Event In JS

Data Structures, Modern Operators And Strings

  1. Destructuring Arrays In JS
  2. Destructuring Objects In JS
  3. The Spread Operator In JS
  4. Rest Pattern And Parameters In JS
  5. Short Circuiting In JS
  6. The Nullish Coalescing Operator In JS
  7. Looping Arrays In JS
  8. Enhanced Object Literals In JS
  9. Operational Chaining In JS
  10. Looping Objects_ Object Keys, Values, and Entries
  11. Sets In JS
  12. Maps Fundamentals In JS
  13. Maps Iteration In JS
  14. Working With Strings In JS

Function In Details

  1. Default Parameters In JS
  2. How Passing Arguments Works Value vs. Reference In JS
  3. First-Class and Higher-Order Functions In JS
  4. Functions Accepting Callback Functions In JS
  5. Functions Returning Functions In JS
  6. The Call And Apply Methods In JS
  7. The Bind Method In JS

Working With Arrays

  1. Simple Array Methods In JS
  2. Looping Arrays In JS
  3. forEach With Maps And Sets In JS
  4. The Map Method In JS
  5. The Filter Method In JS
  6. The Reduce Method In JS
  7. The Find Method In JS
  8. The findIndex Method In JS
  9. Some And Every In JS
  10. Flat And flatMap In JS
  11. Sorting Arrays In JS

Numbers, Dates, Intl And Timers

  1. Converting And Checking Numbers In JS
  2. Math And Rounding In JS
  3. The Remainder Operator In JS
  4. Working With BigInt In JS
  5. Creating Dates In JS
  6. Operation With Dates In JS
  7. Internationalizing Dates (Intl) In JS
  8. Internationalizing Numbers (Intl) In JS
  9. Timers setTimeout And setInterval In JS

Advanced DOM and Events

  1. How The DOM Works?
  2. Styles, Attributes And Classes
  3. Types of Events And Events Handlers

With This You Are Now A JS Developer!!

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