20+ OOPS Beginner Level Question Paper – 1

  1. List and explain basic concepts of oops.
  2. Explain benefits of oops
  3. Explain application of oops
  4. List difference between OOPS and POP (procedure-oriented programming language).
  5. List difference between C and C++
  6. Explain input and output operators in C++ with figure for each.
  7. List any 5 header files used in C++ and explain.
  8. Write a C++ program for simple calculator (add, sub, mul,and div operations). (Without using functions)
  9. Write a C++ program to display sum and average of given two numbers.
  10. Sketch and explain the basic datatypes in C++.
  11. List difference between class and structures.
  12. Explain enumerated datatypes with example C++ program.
  13. Explain in brief different derived data types used in C++.
  14. List and explain any S operators introduced in C++ (Which is not in C programming language).
  15. Explain different relational operators used in C++.
  16. Write a C++ program to print the greater number among the given two numbers using ternary operator.
  17. Explain different classification of operators in C++.
  18. Write a C++ Program to demonstrate the increment and decrement operators.
  19. Write a C++ Program to find quotients and remainders taking dividend and divisor inputs.
  20. Write a C++ program to find the size of the different data types: int, float, char and double. (Using operator)

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