Operational Chaining In JS

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Operational Chaining In JS

In JavaScript, “Operational Chaining” is a technique that allows you to chain multiple operations together in a single line of code. This technique is commonly used in libraries like jQuery and Lodash, and it allows you to perform multiple actions on an object or data structure in a more concise and readable way.

For example, let’s say you want to select all the p elements from a webpage, and then filter out the elements that do not contain the word “JavaScript”, and then add the class “highlight” to the remaining elements.

Instead of writing multiple lines of code to accomplish this task, you can use operational chaining to do it in a single line:

Code For Operational Chaining In JS



Here, $("p") is selecting all the p elements from the webpage, filter(":contains('JavaScript')") is filtering out the elements that do not contain the word “JavaScript” and addClass("highlight") is adding the class “highlight” to the remaining elements.

It is possible to accomplish this kind of chaining in plain JavaScript as well, by returning the object on each method call,

  .filter(el => el.textContent.includes('JavaScript'))
  .forEach(el => el.classList.add('highlight'))


Operational chaining makes it easy to chain multiple operations together, making your code more readable and maintainable. However, it also important to be cautious as chaining too many methods can make the code harder to read and understand.

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