ORS full form, What is the full form of ORS?

You have heard ORS term before most commonly during your childhood, in the clinic, or from somewhere else, and in this post, we will going to show you what is ORS, ors full form, What is the full form of ORS in detail.

ORS full form, What is the full form of ORS?
ORS Full Form

ORS stands for Oral rehydration solutions. ORS comes in a packet that contains powder generally mixed in water to make the solution. in other words, we can say that ORS is a solution of dry salt and water. It is used to treat dehydration caused by diarrhea, a common illness in which passing loose stools three or more times a day.

ORS Full Form

ORS – Oral Rehydration Solutions

O – Oral means related to the mouth

R – Rehydration (restore fluid)

S – Solutions (Homogeneous mixture of one or more solutes dissolved in a solvent)

Ingredients In ORS

  • Clean water that has been boiled or disinfected.
  • Electrolytes (also called “salts”), which are chemicals that your body needs to function properly.
  • Carbohydrates, usually in the form of sugar.

ORS Homemade Recipe

ORS (Oral Rehydration Salts) recipe can be made at home by including six teaspoons of sugar, half level teaspoon of salt, and one liter of boiled or clean drinking water and then cooled – 5 cupfuls (each cup about 200 ml.) ORS is carried by many travelers so if they get dehydrated they can use it. ORS is a glucose-salt solution.

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