PPT Full Form, What is the full form of PPT?

PPT full form, what is the full form of ppt, where ppt is used, what is the meaning of ppt? In this article, we will know about all these things. So let’s know about it.

PPT Full Form In English

The full form of PPT is PowerPoint Presentation, It is a file extension in (.ppt) format used by Microsoft PowerPoint, which is a product or software of Microsoft Office. Other software is MS Word, MS Excel, MS Outlook, etc. Here MS stands for Microsoft.

PPT Full Form, What is the full form of PPT?

PPT is used in offices, schools, and colleges, where Presenter prepares a PPT in software to explain his/her work with the help of slides which is made with different fonts, pictures, graph, design. It is one of the most popular software for presentation.

There are also many other full form of PPT, like PPT full form in computer, ppt full form in chemistry, ppt full from in LIC, etc.

Other PPT Full Form

  • PowerPoint Presentation (in Computer)
  • Precipitate (in Chemistry)
  • Premium Paying Term (in LIC)
  • Program Performance Test
  • Production Prove Out Test
  • People Process Technology
  • Parts Per Thousand
  • Pre Placement Talk
  • Project Placement And Training
  • Post Production Test Etc.


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