What Is Process Control Block (PCB) ?

Process Control Block contains the information about the process like registers, process state, priority, etc. It is also known as task control block. So PCB is a form of data structure which contains all the necessay information about a process. It is stored in reserved memory in an operating system.

Let’s discuss about the data which is stored inside Process Control Block

What Is Process Control Block (PCB) ?

Structure of Process Control Block

  • Process State – It can be ready, wait, running or termination, etc.
  • Process Number – Each process has a unique number known as ID or PID assigned by the kernel.
  • Registers – This componenet have accumulator, base, registers and general purpose registers.
  • Open File Lists – It contains information about the list of files which are open for process.
  • Memory Management – This contains information about memory management system. It includes the value of the base and limit registers, the page, or segment tables
  • Pointer – It is a stack pointer which contains address of previous stack control block, it helps the operating system to maintain compare child process and parent process.
  • CPU scheduling information – This includes a process priority, and various scheduling parameters.

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