Python program to find the power ‘n’ of the given number ‘a’

Hello everyone, welcome to In this article we will going to discuss about Python program to convert GCD of the given 2 numbers.

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Code for python program to find the power ‘n’ of the given number ‘a’

def power(a, n):
    result = 1
    for i in range(n):
        result *= a
    return result

# test the function
print(power(2, 3))
print(power(4, 2))





The function power(a, n) takes in two parameters, a and n, and returns a raised to the power of n. It does this by using a for loop that iterates n times, and in each iteration, it multiplies result by a.

The initial value of result is set to 1 so that when the loop starts and the first time a is multiplied, it is multiplied by 1.


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