Respiration Minecraft: Know All About It

In Minecraft, maximizing armor and tools level is the best thing to do. It takes a lot of time to accomplish it.

In this article we will know about Respiration Minecraft: Know All About It. So if you don’t know what does respiration do in minecraft? Then read this post till the end.

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Respiration Minecraft

In Minecraft, there are different types of enchantment that are used for different abilities like, protection, speed, attack, and breathing.

Respiration Minecraft: Know All About It

Now whenever a player wants to maximize the armor (particularly helmet), minecraft respiration is the best enchantment to maximize helmet armor.

What Is Respiration In Minecraft?

Respiration enchant helps the player to increase the amount of breath underwater. Normally a player in Minecraft can breathe for 15 seconds underwater. But after using respiration enchant it increases the amount of breath of the player underwater.

Levels of respiration enchantments

There are three tiers (level) of respiration enchantments. As told earlier without any potion or enchant you get only 15s breath time underwater. After using respiration enchant you get 15s additional time i.e., 30 seconds. After upgrading you get additional 45 seconds in level II and 1 min in level III.

Without enchantLevel I (15s)Level II (15s)Level III (15s)

How To Achieve Respiration III In Minecraft?

Respiration III can be achieved easily by enchantment table. Also, you can add Respiration I and II books and enchants. For example, adding Respiration I book and Respiration I book will give Respiration II. And merging Respiration II and Respiration II will give Respiration III.

Importance of Respiration minecraft

It is important for players who want to collect things underwater like shipwrecks, underwater sea temples, collecting blocks, gravel, sand, and clay, etc.

Also if you want to take a fight with the guardian sea temple and defeat him, then it is very important for you to maximize armor or respiration.

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