Salmon Fish In Marathi: Salmon Name, Benefits

Hello Guys, today we will know about Salmon fish in Marathi, and what is salmon fish in Marathi? So read this full article in detail.

Salmon Fish Information

Salmon fish is found in lakes of North America and also extensively farmed in many parts of the world. They born in freshwater and then migrate to the ocean and again come in freshwater. Talking about the Indian Salmon, the scientific name of this fish is Eleutheronema tetradactylum (Shaw, 1804). The maximum length of this fish is around 200cm whereas the common length is 50cm.

Salmon fish in Marathi with photo

The given image is of Indian Salmon fish

Salmon Fish In Marathi: Salmon Name, Benefits

Salmon Fish Benefits In Marathi

Eating salmon fish keeps hair, skin, joints, and brain health. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, and mainly omega-3, which gives many benefits to the eaters. This is why many people take it in pill, medicine, and frozen form.

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Omega 3 is naturally present in salmon because it contains oil. Not only this, according to scientists, omega 3 reduces the risk of developing chronic diseases like diabetes and depression.

Salmon Fish In Marathi Name

Now many people are searching for Salmon Fish Name In Marathi and find a lot of articles. So I have provided the names of salmon fish in Marathi below.

  • Salmon fish सामन मासे
  • Salmon Rawas

Actually Salmon is not a native fish of India so you won’t get any actual name. This fish is born in fresh water and spends most of its life in the sea and comes back where it was born to mate and lay eggs and finally die before siblings hatch.

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