Top 5 Cool Cmd Codes

Top 5 Cool Cmd Codes – Hello guys, I hope you are doing well and feeling happy. In this tutorial, I will tell you about command prompt tricks that will help you sound like a genius. I always use these tricks in my school days in computer labs, and my classmates were like “what he is doing” and “how can we do it.” So, now I am in college, and no one asks me for such a type of cool question. I write a post on this thing.

Top 5 Cool Cmd Codes

Top 5 Cool Cmd Codes

You can use these tricks for many reasons such as quickly hiding a file or changing the color of the prompt.

1. Hide a folder

Attrib +h +s +r book1

1. Open the cmd prompt
2. Copy and paste the above code.
3. Replace “book1” with your filename.
4. Hit on Enter

Unhide a folder

Attrib -h -s -r book1

1. Copy and paste the above code.
2. Change “book1” with your filename.
3. Run the code
2. Change the Color of the text

color-a //changes to green

First, open the cmd prompt by searching it on start. Paste the above code. Now replace “<color-code>” with your color. Hit on Enter Button to get the output
To see the list of the color available type the following code:

 help color

3. See the list of folder and their location


Just type the above code to see the output. Lol, it will look like hacking.
4. Check the version of the window


Type this code and you will get it.

5. Create a reserved folder with the name aux, con.

md con

md aux

Conclusion – So that’s was it, how much you like this information Top 5 Cool Cmd Codes tell us in the comment section. For more such posts visit, Tricks

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