Warcraft 3 Cheats [Reign of Chaos + Reforged]

Here is the list of updated Warcraft 3 Cheats that offers Unlimited Mana, Removes Food Limits, Level Jump, Speeds Constructions, and much more to make your game more challenging and interesting.

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Warcraft 3 is a real-time strategy game by Blizzard Entertainment that was released in the year 2002. It was the third instalment of the popular Warcraft universe series.

The story of the game revolves around the time when members of the Burning Legion attacked for the second time, Lordaeron fell as well as the night elves were awakened.

It was a hit, and more than one million copies of the game were released in the first month after the release.

Warcraft 3 supports cheats, and you can enable them to free gold and various other items. Earlier in the series, heroes were just powerful variants of military units, but this was changed in this game.

Each hero was unique in terms of abilities and enabled you to take roles such as traders, attackers, and defenders. Upgrade your heroes by killing high-level enemies on the map to get experience points.

This will unlock new abilities and spells for your heroes to make them powerful. Help your teammates on the battlefield with support heroes.

Warcraft 3 Cheats [Reign of Chaos + Reforged]

The story of warcraft 3 is very engaging as it features perspectives of all the available races. The story starts with the human race and ends with the night elf race. And you can use Warcraft 3 cheats to make this story more interesting.

It is a multiplayer game, but you don’t have to wait for other players anymore as developers have added AI characters even in the multiplayer version. Engage in combat with them to improve your skills for fights against real players.

To start a new multiplayer game, use the free system of Blizzard called Battle.net. Use the built-in “World Editor” to change the story of the game or anything else in the game according to your needs.

Warcraft 3 Cheats

Cheats CodesHow to Help You
WhosyourdaddyIt will help to invincibility and One-Hit kills
=It will help to automatically re-enter the last cheat code
OnehundredplusIt will help to increase night elves’ build speed.
motherlandIt will help to lets you select the level.
DaylightsavingsIt will help to toggle Between day and night.
LightsoutIt will help to set the time for the evening
SynergyIt will help to turn off the Tech Tree
WhoisjohngaltIt will help to fasten the research rate
IocainepowderIt will help to enable fast death.
greedisgoodIt will help to add gold and lumber
keysersozeIt will help to add gold.
ThedudeabidesIt will help to reduce the spell cool down
SomebodysetusupthebombIt will help to defeat instantly.
IseedeadpeopleIt will help to view the full game map
ThereisnospoonIt will help to get infinite mana
StrengthandhonorIt will help to Continue Playing After Death in Campaign Mode
AllyourbasearebelongtousIt will help to instant victory
IhavethepowerIt will help to get level 10 allied units
ItvexesmeIt will help to disable the victory conditions
leafittomeIt will help to get leafittome
WarptenIt will help to fasten the construction rate
PointbreakIt will help units that do not need farms
SharpandshinyIt will help to upgrade the research
RiseandshineIt will help to set the time in the morning
daylightsavingsIt will help to set the Time of the Day
AbrakadabraIt will help the trees disappear
SamelevelIt will help to increase the heroes’ levels to equal the highest enemy hero level
TenthleveltaurenchieftainIt will help to unlock the Song “Power of the Horde”


How To Use Warcraft 3 Cheats?

Now that you have all the working warcraft 3 cheats, it is time to put them to good use and make things a lot easier for you. You can enter these cheats whenever you want during the gameplay. Here are the steps to enable all the warcraft 3 cheats.

  • Open and play warcraft 3.
  • Press the “Enter” key from the keyboard during the gameplay.
  • Type the desired warcraft 3 cheats in the bar.
  • Press the “Enter” key again to enable the cheat.

The game will show an on-screen message stating “Cheat Enabled,” and you will also be able to see the effect of the cheat. Also, The same methods are used for Family Farm Adventure Cheats.

There are some cheats in the list that require a numerical value. Enter the desired numerical value after the cheat to receive the specified number of items.

If you can’t distinguish between these cheats, don’t worry, as the game will automatically provide you with a specific number of items.

Enter these Warcraft 3 cheats as given in the list and don’t change anything except for the numerical values at the end of some cheats.

These cheats work all the time but try to enter a cheat again if you don’t see the on-screen message because you may have made a mistake while entering the cheat.

FAQs About Warcraft 3 Cheats

How do you get unlimited food in Warcraft 3?

To remove the food limit in this game you have to use the “PointBreak” cheat code. And it will get you unlimited food in the game.

Do cheats still work in Warcraft 3 reforged?

Yes, all the cheats are still working in the reforged version. And you can use the old version cheat codes also in this game.

How do you enter cheats in Warcraft 3?

While playing the game press on the enter and enter your cheat codes in that box and again click on enter. Here I also cover the complete process.

How do you get unlimited gold in Warcraft 3?

To get unlimited gold in this game there is a “GreedIsGood (#)” cheat code available. Here replace # with the number.


These are all the working Warcraft 3 Cheats that are available for now but don’t worry, as the list will be updated when new cheats are released.

Cheats just make things a bit easier for you, and you have to do most of the work by yourself. Bookmark this website and webpage, and make sure to visit it in the future whenever you are looking for warcraft 3 cheats as well as cheats of many other games.

Sometimes, these cheats act as an extra push when you are stuck at a difficult level and don’t want to continue.

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