Which of the following is not a lipid ?

Which of the following is not a lipid ?
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Which of the following is not a lipid ?

A. Wax / lecithin

B. Sterol / cholesterol

C. Glycerol / maltose

D. Lecithin / Ghee

Answer. C) Glycerol / maltose


Lipid is a macro bio-molecule that is soluble in non-polar solvents. Non-polar solvents contain bonds between atoms with similar electronegativities, such as carbon and hydrogen (hydrocarbons, such as gasoline). They don’t have a dipole moment.

Glycerol has a polar hydroxyl group for every carbon atom and thus it is soluble in water. Therefore it is not a lipid. As we know that maltose is also known as sugar which is soluble in polar solvents.

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