Why does Internshala excite you?

Why does Internshala excite you? As we know that today every student who is studying UG( Undergraduate) or PG(Post Graduate) Courses is looking for an internship and it is very important for a student to have practical knowledge.

Why does Internshala excite you?
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Internshala.com is a website that provides paid internships for free. It provides you with Work from home and in-office internships based on your comfort. Internshala’s Student Partner Program is a 70 days long program for college students in India.

Why does Internshala excite you?

In Internshala’s Student Partner program, students represent Internshala and perform some tasks. In return, Internshala provides incentives and prizes to students. Internshala asks the question Why does Internshala excite you? so they can select the best students by answers.

Here is the link: https://isp.internshala.com/

Here is my answer.

Practical knowledge matters a lot in today’s time because today the competition has increased a lot. Along with the degree, practical experience is very important. Internshala provides us various opportunities that will help us to get a good job and career.

Internshala has tie-up with many good companies which will definitely help students who are looking for paid internships on Internshala.com. Apart from internship it also provides training which makes it different from other websites which are also in the same niche.

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Internshala also provides work from home apart from office internships which is very effective in today’s difficult times. It has changed the lives of many students by boosting their careers. Hence it is one of the best platforms to find internships that really matter for me.

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